Thursday, July 16, 2015

Seattle Part 2


We arrived in Seattle at 8am local time, by that point we had all been awake for many hours. Eric and I were definitely tired, but thankfully the excitement of being in a new environment was thrill enough to jolt us into action.  We grabbed the car seats and caught the shuttle to the car rental place. I write that sentence casually, but if you are a parent and have ever traveled through an airport with young kids you know there is nothing casual about the experience. I was carrying Elise and luggage and trying to hold Cordelia's hand. Eric had luggage and two hefty car seats. The whole experience is not casual. Thankfully Eric and I are basically experts at team work and we somehow manage to accomplish a whole lot with little trouble.

Once we had secured our rental car it was time to meet Charlotte and Jake at a vegan restaurant called Plum Bistro for brunch. Oh can I just take a moment to bask in the glory of an all vegan menu?! The girls were so jazzed to order anything they wanted. Cordelia and Elise ordered pancakes and I had an absolutely delectable Tofu Benedict with an avocado cream sauce. We chatted with Charlotte and Jake who were in the final stages of wedding preparation. The wedding was the following day.

It is so wonderful to be in the company of two people who are so in love and excited to begin their lives together. We love them as individuals and as a couple so this marriage is definitely something to celebrate. After breakfast we parted ways as the happy couple had a lot to accomplish in the next day and a half. We decided to check out Seattle as it had been many years since we had last visited. We visited the Seattle Center and checked out the Experience Music Project, there were some really great exhibits. Highlights for me were the horror film exhibit and the exhibit which featured costumes from Labyrinth and Princess Bride.

Eric was so excited about the Star Wars costume exhibit (not sure why there were so many film exhibits up at the music museum, whatevs). 

David Bowie wore this!

Star Wars costumes

Ha ha ha! This photo!

We walked around the Seattle Center and took in the sights and sounds. I think Cordelia was shocked by the experience. She was mostly offended that we had to pay for parking. When we were done there it was about time to head over to the Bainbridge Ferry to catch our ride. 

cordelia on ferry

elise on ferry


sisters on ferry

elise on ferry

cordelia and me on ferry


cordelia on ferry

 Eric and the girls on the ferry

We made it to our hotel and checked in, grabbed food at the grocery store and made dinner in the hotel room. Then the girls crashed. The end of a long and lovely day.


Mom said...

I love every single photo!

Victoria said...

Oh, your photos are wonderful!! Travel is awesome!!

Sarah Purdy said...

That dress with the red belt is on fleek, yo! Love the ferry pictures. Ferries always make me slight nauseous, but I suspect it's the musty, pee smell combined with choppy waves. Looks like the girls loved it!

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