Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vegan Recipe: Smores

Here is a recipe moved from Rooted Vegan
vegan smores by

Sometimes it hits me that my vegan children will be really out of the loop on certain things that are cultural tradition or rites of passage here in the US. Honestly, this makes me mostly proud and happy. My kids don't go to rodeos or circuses. They will never eat greasy dogs at a ball park (unless they are vegan veggie dogs). I am proud to be breaking a cycle of rather mindless eating and traditions that are built upon the suffering of animals.

There is another side, a side that I feel a little bummed about. Grabbing an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck is not an option.  They can't just grab a bite of food with their friends without first ensuring that there are vegan options.  The girls will never get a carefree attitude about food, which is both good and lame. Unfortunately my three year old has long understood that she needs to inquire about whether or not a given food is vegan. While I like that she is considering food and its sources I don't want food thinking to be the central factor in their lives.

While this isn't a big deal I do try and give the girls some normalcy so that, when they are grown, they have some of those same touchstones as others. Shared or common experiences are so often a great conduit to genuine connections. So, with that in mind I set to creating vegan smores! (Honestly, this was all about my children, not at all about my obsession with chocolate...).

So you're probably going, "Yeah genius smores are literally three ingredients. We don't need a recipe." To that I say, some folks don't realize that they can veganize this treat. Let me guide you on this journey!

First I discovered vegan marshmallows! Here are several.

I also found graham crackers. Check here. If you aren't hung up on the ethics of supporting non-vegan companies Nabisco Original Graham Crackers are accidentally vegan (check out this site for tons of accidentally vegan products)

Then I grabbed some chocolate. There are so many vegan chocolates out there in the world! Thank goodness.

Next, I showed my oldest daughter how to roast a marshmallow. We roasted and assembled our smores like people have been doing since the dawn of time, or whatever. Graham cracker, chocolate, roasted mallow, graham cracker. Of course you can always jazz things up by adding fruit. We like raspberries and strawberries. Enjoy the time honored tradition with a vegan twist!

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