Monday, August 24, 2015


About a month ago I was driving from point A to point B when Cordelia spotted an alley and asked,"What is that road?" Apparently she had never been taught about alleys. We have no alleys in our neighborhood, just easements that often channel escaped dogs up and down the length of our block. Keeps the dogs from getting into the street, but creates barking chaos as the dogs run up and down the fences getting all of the neighbor dogs riled up.

Anyway, both girls were interested in the mysterious allure of alleyways. They asked if we could drive through an alley and I happily obliged. It was kind of fun looking into backyards and seeing our town from a different perspective.

Since then we have been driving through a lot of alleys. Pretty much any time we are out now ends up in an adventure through alleys. The process slows us down and lends itself to a sense of exploration. We have had fun with this odd change of pace. 

Do you alley drive?


Joyce Sealock said...

Haven't done that for a long time since we live in the same area you do. Had an alley with a house in Paradise Valley a long time ago. I guess the best part was not having to see all the garbage cans and litter!

Mom said...

I miss alleys. I'm glad you get to show the girls what an alley is before they all disappear and become as mysterious as a rotary phone.

Emily said...

Living in a small town in Texas for the first ten years of my life, I thought alleys were just a part of everyday life. As kids we would use the term "alley neighbors" if you were referring to the person who lived directly behind you (across the alley). But then we moved to Oklahoma City where alleys just don't seem to exist. At least not residentially. I'm sure they exist behind some businesses, but more alleys readily available to explore.

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