Thursday, August 20, 2015

Currently Reading

I have been very busy working the past couple of weeks and I have not been making a ton of time to read. Well I read to the girls every single day, but I have not been making time for my own reading. I have commissions to complete, shows to prepare for, tests to grade, a new semester to teach, lessons at the museum, private lessons, lectures to prep for, and homeschool prep is also underway. I am making it a priority to chip out 20-30 minutes for pleasure (not research) reading. 

Earlier this summer I started and nearly completed this great book My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok. The book follows the life of Asher Lev a Ladover Hasid and brilliant artist, torn between two identities. I love this novel; it is so well written. Have you read the book?! Soooooo good! 

The girls and I read every single day. We hit up the libraries a couple of times a week. We load up on books and read and re-read the books. The local library has a summer reading program which rewards kids for reading. Prizes include books and toys, and a free burger (not sure why the library is pushing unhealthy garbage food, but we politely decline). The girls love getting prizes for something they do anyway, a laughable minimum of twenty minutes of daily reading.

One book we read with regularity is Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell. The story is basically just a new version of city mouse/country mouse, but the illustrations are so darling that the story seems fresh. We have also read the follow-up Brown Rabbit in the City and also enjoyed the book. Cordelia is also reading chapter books with me, but she still enjoys reading the brief stories that Elise is so interested in hearing.

What are you reading?


Sarah Purdy said...

I must read that book! I have been on a bit of a tear this month - reading a lot. The end of summer break always does that to me. I've been working on some really good ones and will be doing a blog post soon, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been very busy with my mom, working 5 hours a night, and my aunt who has a lung disease and now has pneumonia, so haven't been physically reading a book, and I have just enough time to pop in to my favorite blogs and glance at facebook to catch up on some news.
I should take a break soon on my life, I do so enjoy reading a good book!

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