Friday, August 21, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 8.21.15

Time for a week in review...

While Cordelia was at science camp last week Eric and I made sure Elise got some special time too.

 Elise dressed up.

Science camp shot one more time.

Saturday evening Eric and I attended the wedding of two good friends. Here I am with the gorgeous bride.

Wyoming sunset.

Drawing of a worm, because.

Lucy, sitting like a human in the fresh laundry.

Elise likes chocolate...and bee suits.

I bought a couple of cactus and discovered that the flowers were not only glued on, but spray painted. Wuuut?

Morning snuggle.

Bluejay feather.

Morning play.

Fresh made bread. We ate the whole loaf in less than 24 hours.

Short hike with the girls.

Sketch from life drawing, a weekly drawing opportunity for local artists.

The girls asked to explore the cemetery instead of going to a park.

Hammock time.


This girl. She told me she was working on a half smile and half frown.

Note the still slightly visible temporary tattoo on Cordelia. Two weeks old. We have scrubbed, alcohol-ed, olive oil-ed...still there.

Cordelia lost her glasses and this is where I found them.

Last night we had family fort night. Food and a movie in the fort.

Fort sign.

Hot pink sunset as a result of fires in neighboring states.

Birds on this structure I built in the backyard. Made me happy this morning.

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Sarah Purdy said...

Pro tip: Pumice stones take the temporary tattoos off very quickly. However, don't use them to scrub off a pink princess tattoo applied directly to your forehead as you will end up with a red, irritated forehead and a scab the next day. Why??? Ouch!

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