Saturday, August 22, 2015

Project: Stepping stones

Some time ago we bought and used one of the kits to make stepping stones with kids. While it was a fun project the stones crumbled before summer was over. So when they asked to make new stepping stones I decided to try something different.

First I went to a home and garden store and bought two round 20lb pavers for a couple of dollars each.

Next I painted them white.

The white was just to give the girls a base to work on while they painted. While the layer of white acrylic paint was drying I prepped paint (acrylic), brushes, water cup and paper towels for the girls.

Then they painted. There was a bit of a learning curve for painting on top of the texture, but they had so much fun it didn't matter to them very much.

Next a quick coat of varnish for weatherproofing. I will leave them in the garden for the summer, but I will probably tuck them under the patio for shelter from the winter weather, which will probably start next week.

Cordelia's painting is a heart with a tree on either side, birds, flowers, a butterfly, the sun and the moon.

Elise opted for flowers, sun, and moon.


Anonymous said...

For some odd reason.... I really LOVE Elise's flowers! They're good!
Did you ask the girls why they wanted a moon and the sun? Just curious... because sometime during the day you can see the moon in the sky... wonder if they thought of this while they were painting.

Sarah Purdy said...


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