Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The winds picked up over the weekend. A strong gale that blows through town, ripping leaves from the trees. The trees are still mostly green, but clumps of yellow and red are starting their fall campaign. 

Frisbee the backyard squirrel has been busy burying nuts, or whatever he/she eats, in the planter. The dogs whimper at the back door, taunted by the frisky rodent. Seriously I need to write a post about that squirrel and the dogs.

The nights and mornings have been cooler. I love the cooler air, this balance between summer and winter is the sweet spot of temperatures. I have sweaters out, but they are often shed as the day wears on. I have spent much time reminding the girls that soon they will have to wear pants and close toed shoes. I have learned that this mental prep is a necessity for them.

I am trying to soak up my final weeks in the hammock. I will really miss a hammock this winter. I really wish we had room for an indoor hammock. 

I am thinking about soups and stews. I am thinking about beautiful scarves (I was gifted with scarves from India and Turkey this summer).About drinking hot tea on cold days. I am not thinking about leaf raking. I am certainly not thinking about how long it takes to put winter clothes on little kids. 

I am looking forward to the corn maze, pumpkin carving, crisp air for walks,    darker mornings (kids are up with the sun), pink cheeks, and golden days.

What are you looking forward to?


Sarah Purdy said...

Just like Tina Turner said: Fall is "simply the best! Better than all the rest!" (And you're welcome for that ear worm.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah, I love Tina Turner.
I do like the fall, the pretty colors that dot the landscape, the not so hot nights, so maybe less sweating while I sleep in bed I hope?
I would love to hear all about Frisbee and the dogs! We have a squirrel who hops from balcony to balcony.

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