Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Memory

I was looking through old photos and happened upon this one. My heart basically exploded. I remember having such great hope that these new sisters would be friends. Now they are and it is so much more that my hopes had allowed for. When one sister is given something of value (a treat, toy, whatever) the other automatically asks for one for their sister. They miss each other when they are apart. They are so very different that I am confident that they are learning from each other. The fight sometimes, but usually they play.


So far it seems that I have one extrovert and one introvert. I do hope that means that they will each help each other to push in new directions, learning to go out into the world and also when to be home and calm. I have big dreams for these two, but none bigger than what they dream for themselves. I am so very fortunate to watch these two little girls during the all too fleeting years of their childhood. Next week will mark some big changes for each and I am sad and excited for them all at the same time.

The world is better because they are here.

1 comment:

Mom said...

They really are very close sisters. You and Eric intentionally worked to do the right things to help encourage that closeness. They are lucky little ladies.

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