Friday, September 4, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 9.4.15

Well hello September. This month came on quickly in spite of Cordelia's daily countdown to her birthday at the end of the month. Let's reminisce about the week that was...

I rescued some ferns for almost nothing and repotted them and gave them a good drink. They had been root bound and bone dry. Here is hoping they recover!

Vegan French toast. The girls have been begging to go to France and wanted to know if this is how the French eat. Erm, not so much, but it was goooood.

This gem of a parking job this week. I took a photo to text complain to my spouse and bestie. Later I laughed when. I looked closely and saw my annoyed reflection in the mirror of the other guy's car. In case you are wondering I folded in my sideview and asked a nice stranger to spot me while I slowly backed out.


This photo. Elise requested that I take this picture because she wanted to see why she looks like when she is happy.

Eli's and Eric at preschool orientation. 

Cordelia is zipping off. She had brought drawings for all of her teachers and races around handing them out while Elise hacked out her classroom.

The girls visiting my dad at his office. He gave them balloons and a ride in his office chair. He is always good for fun like that.

My mom sent me this photo of my baby brother Sam in his UPS driver uniform.

Eric opening the first box of his books! 

Eric's first book!!!!

Sisters at the gallery opening last night.

Eric's opening last night.

Book signing like a boss.

Look at that crowd.

The girls at the opening. They were a bit wild. Elise fell and bumped her head on concrete, but they also had fun.


Sarah Purdy said...

Great week! Glad the opening went so well!

Mom said...

Fun photos! I was excited to get the one of Sam because he changes right after work. That was the first time I saw him in uniform.

Anonymous said...

How do we get the book?
Is it on sale at Amazon?

Maria Rose said...

I will let you know when it is up online.

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