Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Cordelia and I have now been homeschooling for a few months now. She will be wrapping up kindergarten in December. I wouldn't normally rush through an entire grade, but she already knows much of the required learning from her great preschool education. 

Here are a few notes that I have made so far. 

Areas for Growth
• More structure. Cordelia, and kids in general, thrive with structure. I am not too keen on structure personally so this has definitely been an area where I am trying to improve. While I have a game plan each week our days are pretty flexible. Cordelia is best served with even more structure. So I am working to give that to her. She likes to always know what comes next and I think that she should have that to a certain extent. Although I think it is also my job to add in bits of flexibility so she isn't too rigid about time.
• Getting more involved with the homeschool community. This has been a slow process, but we are starting to meet others and attend events. Next week we will be attending a post office tour. Should be interesting. Side note: I wonder what other places I can tour?
• Time for friends. We have managed to meet up with friends a couple times a week at least, but I think even more would be good. She also attends classes a couple of days a week with peers. Thankfully she and Elise are great friends and she is so social in other areas as well. I am not too concerned with Cordelia, but this will be more of an issue with my more introverted daughter.

Areas that we are nailing
•Education. We are really happy with the curriculum and Cordelia is enjoying herself. All around so happy!
•One on one time has been amazing.  We both love working together.
•Working on things that interesting to her.


Victoria said...

Precious time together for certain. Enjoy!!

affectioknit said...

sounds like a fun school...the post office tour should be fun too...the scouts toured one in North Dakota...I'm still glad I had those opportunities...I mean...how many adults get the opportunity to tour a post office...I don't think you can just walk in and ask for a tour...but if you've got a group of boy scouts with you...you can...

~Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

you were wondering about where else to tour? We have a mint museum here, so money museum, it is really educational how money came about and what was used for money in the past,(shells etc...) and currency from other countries. I always museums were great

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