Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Making Christmas

Over the breakfast table this morning Eric and I started discussing Christmas. We made lists of family, friends, acquaintances. We broke it down into groups of those who need significant gifts, those who might like a homemade treat (fudge anyone?) and those to whom we will need to send cards. Each year our list gets longer and longer. Mostly we have tons of cards to send. I am working on plans for the rest. 

This morning I decided to set to work on a painting to be made into a holiday card we can order now and send out to friends and family around the world. I really am happy when we can take time and make personalized gifts and cards.

Painting with two young kids around is only possible if I include them. Thankfully both girls can happily paint for an hour or more. So I have set us up and we are all busy working.

Sure I have to field weird questions like,"What color does silver and orange make?"

 In case you are wondering my answer was silvange.

Have you begun Christmas prep?

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