Friday, November 6, 2015

Phone Photo Friday 10.6.15

Happy Friday! May I offer you a week in review? Good. Here it is...

The complete abandon of a cat asleep. If only I could sample that kind of sleep.

Well, we had though Bumblebee was going to never have another surgery, but then one of her cysts became infected again. The vet decided to run bloodwork and felt she was just fine for surgery. So she went under the knife last Friday. She had six tumors/cysts removed. There is only one growth left, a large one on her chest and we just couldn't put her through that...she would have been wounded on all sides. Anyway, she is healing and well medicated this week. She may have a cold winter until that fur grows back.  

Halloween breakfast.

Halloween sisters

My friend Sarah asked me last month to participate in a trunk or treat event (decorate trunks and hand out candy in a parking lot). I had just had a talk with Eric about how we have to start saying "no" to some things. I told her I was too busy. Then my mom asked and I had to help. She bought the vegan candy and I decorated the trunk. 

It ended up being insanely windy and fairly cold. The girls hung out in the trunk while I battles my hair in an epic showdown with the wind. I lost. The girls had a great time. They trick-or-treated and many of the people had vegan treats for them, we swapped the rest later.

Trick-or-treating at my parents' home.

Trick-or-treating at the mall. We also hit up another indoor place. It was so miserably windy we opted to try out the indoor events. Ultimately we trick-or-treated for many hours. The girls had way too much candy, even after we rooted out the non-veg stuff. So they donated a ton to Operation Chritmas Child and now we have a reasonable amount of candy.

The girls had a play date this week and I was left with a little time to sketch and have a glass of tea. Sure I had to keep an ear turned toward their room to ensure that all was well, but a small break in an intense week was quite welcome.

Not sure what to say about this photo. Note that Cordelia has been struggling to accept the cooler weather. She really does not want to layer or cover her toes or legs or arms. 

Elise and Betty Sprinkles

One evening this week Eric and the girls made a book. It was about unicorns and dragons and princesses and mashed potatoes.

Cordelia and my dad.

Painted faces a trial run for Saturday.

It was not easy to remove. Elise ended up with black trapped in her eyebrows. I couldn't stop laughing because they looked so big and bushy. I left them for about an hour and totally forgot to take a photo.

Cordelia and Lucy.

Eric working on his altar, a remembrance of his Grandfather. I will show his completed piece next week.


The girls with my mother last night. Cordelia was more interested in stuffing her face with chips than smiling.

Pajamas and sunglasses.

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