Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Celebrations 2015

Our Christmas decorations are already packed and stored in the scary sub-basement until next year. At least I assume the are under the house for now, but I refuse to go into the black abyss as it terrifies me to my very core. Really all that matters is that the boxes of decorations are stowed away somewhere until next year. I am ready to call it a day on 2015 and the Christmas festivities, but there is one last step. Blog about it! You know if it isn't recorded on the blog it might as well have not happened at all. Kidding. I have a lot of Christmas celebration photos to share, so buckle in and brace yourself for a last blast of 2015 Christmas.

Leading up to Christmas there was a Sunday School thing in church (I call it a thing because I have seriously got zero idea what else to call it--not a play---a production?) Anyway, this was Elise's first time in the Sunday School thing and Cordelia's first time with some real lines in a solo capacity. Cordelia nailed her lines with pride, but she had a shared second line...not one to be lost in the fold she took the opportunity to grab the mic and thank the crowd. You will see in the end that both girls faded by the end...

Christmas program 2015
Spotted someone she knows.

Christmas program 2015
Nailed it and know it.

Christmas program 2015
We lost Elise at this point. She also took out one pigtail and let a boy from her class play with it for a bit.

Christmas program 2015
I would like to note that Cordelia is dressing herself. When I asked her to wear legging with no holes she said, "Looks should not be important mom." Touche my child, touche. 

Christmas Eve is basically my favorite day of the year. I love the family, the tradition, the excitement. All of it is awesome! We have a family tradition of Chinese food before the evening service.

The girls at dinner.

My mom.

My dad and Cordelia.

Then we went to the night service and didn't make it home until nine. Our girls have a strict early bedtime, so they were beat!

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve 2015
Our family

Christmas Eve 2015
My mother and the girls. Please note the stuffed cat with whom Cordelia coordinated outfits.

Christmas Eve 2015
It wouldn't be Christmas if Sam were not dressed in a hoodie.

Christmas Eve 2015

 Christmas Eve 2015
Too much!!!!

Christmas morning was presents at our house before heading to my parents for more presents and breakfast...and lunch.

Opening presents.



Breakfast was soooo good!

My parents and Bode.

My dad and Betty.

The day was mellow and lovely! 

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