Monday, January 4, 2016

Currently Reading

New year, new books. I am reading and enjoying a couple different books at once, but I am most excited about this book which Eric gifted me for Christmas:

Kahlo  by Andrea Kettenmann

The book is a basic biography of the artist. Her story is well-known, but Kettenmann puts Kahlo's work into the context of her personal history. While I was already generally familiar with the artist's work and timeline I really appreciate the easy manner in which the material is presented.

I have been really inspired by Kahlo on a personal level, motivated to make my own work more personal. I admire the way that Kahlo so openly expressed her ideas, feelings, passions and pain. Clearly that is why her work is still so relevant to this day.


The girls and I go to the library at least once a week. We know the staff and they know our family---small-ish town living is great for that kind of thing.

Anyway I will often check out the staff picks, because they see it all and there are a lot of dull books written for kids. When we have nothing special in mind it is a great way to discover something new. That is how we stumbled upon this book:
Benny's Brigade by Arthur Bradford

I was the one who grabbed the book because, tiny walrus! I had to know the story. As you can imagine, the book is about a tiny walrus named Benny. I don't want to ruin the story, but the last page is fantastic.

The story is simple, cute and creative. The girls were talking about what they would do if they found a tiny walrus. Imagination ignited!

What are you reading?

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