Monday, February 15, 2016


Each morning I pull out my day planner and see what I have in store for the day. I am often holding a cup of coffee and eating breakfast as I make my plans. This morning the girls are happily playing as I do a few odds and ends.

My list for the day:
• Check in on the pig 3-4 times today. We are pig sitting. She hates the cold weather so I have to coerce her outside with carrots. She grunts and grumbles about the weather, it is pretty funny.
• Homeschool for Cordelia. This week is the very end of kindergarten. She has just a bit more to go and we can start first grade. We received her supplies and are eagerly anticipating putting them to good use! 
• I need to get started on a schedule for first grade. The program we use helps me to customize her schedule. I hope to go through first grade by the end of July and then start second grade in mid September, when we will be on a more normal schedule.
• Daily sketch. Every single day. 
•Yoga. I do about 45 minutes five days a week. I have noticed that, since starting on Jan. 1, that I am stronger and more flexible. I have lost a little weight (that was not my goal as I am at a healthy weight) and I am sore every day. I love it! I am happy to be pushing myself both mentally and physically. 
• Work for the online class I teach at the college. I have some grading to do.
•Paint, but that will be after the girls are in bed. I am working toward a big show in April, a commissioned portrait and a piece for a faculty show.
•Blog. Every day,
• General house upkeep. We cleaned hardcore on Saturday, but having kids and animals means that cleaning every day is a way of life.
•Prep a grocery list for the week. Takes half an hour, but prep for meals and snacks saves so much money and time in the long run.
• Take Cordelia to a class. She has a few different homeschool classes she attends each week.
• Help Elise with preschool homework. It takes about four minutes.
• Pay bills. 
•Read. Usually how I end my day in bed with a book.

What is on your list?


Anonymous said...

This week?
*organize my spare room
*pay bills ( why is it always a "chore"? We do enjoy the services, so we should be happy to pay, sounds good in theory LOL)
*find a second job, I have debts to pay, different than the bills

Victoria said...

I truly admire your commitment to sketching. You inspire me. I am committing to painting every day this summer, beginning mid-March!

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