Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Less Serious

Adulthood has a tendency to sneakily infiltrate life with seriousness. Keeping small humans alive, mortgages, checking batteries on smoke alarms, taking the car to the shop, contemplating career moves, student loans, eating balanced meals---all of it can seem pretty darn important. 

Recently a friend and I were talking about          aging and how so many older people fall into traps of taking things too seriously. How small things can take on too much importance and people become too serious. I wondered how we could fight that tendency as we grow older. She was sure that busybody-ness was inevitable.

Thankfully I know many people who are advanced in years and do not show signs of busybody-ness. I thought about those people, and have been thinking about them since then. What do they do to keep themselves from getting too caught up in the nonsense...to be kind and funny and creative as they move forward in life?

Ultimately I realized that it is because they are serious about the things that matter (family, kindness, growth, etc.) and the rest is veiwed from a sort of elevated humorous vantage. 

So I am going to focus in on the truly serious business of enjoying life and worry less about the rest of it. 

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Maintaining Altitude sweetheart, yes, that is key xo

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