Friday, March 18, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 3.18.16

Phone photo phriday boooooiii.

My mother and Elise. We met up for mall lunch and then she took the girls Easter dress shopping. Somehow they talked her into two dresses, hats and shoes. 

These two.

Vegan eating. 

Cordelia and the leopard print.

The girls were each given a tiny deck of cards. Guess how much of a mess they have made with these. 

Eric. Elise. Hammock.

Don't worry we were only going 150mph, oooor sitting in a parking lot waiting for Eric.

Pig sitting.

Vegan eats.


Betty Sprank

Eric told me to "hold up" so I sent him this pic. Heeeelarious

Homeschool style

Cordelia spotted this at the store. I am inspired. I want to carry googly eyes with me at all times for this purpose.

Visiting my dad at work.

St. Patrick's Day lunch.

Holiday crafting.

Quick sketch of Beardsley for my daily sketching. I love me an interesting nose!

We did loads of crafting yesterday.

Craft attack

Undies on her head. Queen of comedy.


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