Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Projects with Kids: Coffee Filter Tie Dye

Do you remember coffee filter art? I think it is a standard in elementary school. This morning the girls and I were bored and life called us to create. I remembered the coffee filter days of yore and decided to give it a whirl.

You will need
• coffee filters 
•small containers, we used some containers in the recycling bin.
• watercolor paint, the liquid kind
•wax paper

1. Grab your coffee filters and iron them on the highest setting, no steam obviously. Don't worry about getting them perfectly ironed, just want them to lay flat. Also, this goes without saying, kids should not do this part.

2. Prep your area. Cover your workspace if you want. Lay out parchment paper or even tin foil and wax paper to lay the drying project on. Put paper towels at hand. Mix your paint and be ready. The paint should not have too much water or it will be too diluted.

3. Explain and show the process to the kids. I demonstrated and gave them a few folding tips. Cordelia was able to do some advanced folding and Elise did a more basic style, eventually just crumpling her filters. It was a fun expiramenting.

4. I limited the girls to a three color max per filter to keep the colors from mixing into a brown.

5. Then I let them have at it. They took turns. I unfolded the completed filters, as they are prone to tearing and dripping in little hands, and set them to dry.

6. After drying I hung them in the window for decoration. Cordelia saved her favorites to give to a few friends. You could also use them to write on, make paper flowers, or whatever you like.

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