Monday, March 14, 2016

Ten Randoms

So I am feeling super lazy this morning and I have a ton to accomplish. I blame the time change and a super intense yoga session on Saturday. I am tired and all of the muscles hurt. It is a good thing, but I am still interested in just sitting at the table with my feet on Cordelia's chair.

 Blogging is on my list, so this is where I start. Often I have something on my mind to share, but today I am all business...or I will be when procrastination runs out. So we are gonna have a post of 10 random things from this sweet feet up situation I have going on.

10. The girls are playing up in their room. The storyline involves Elsa, drums, and somebody saying "mommy" a whole bunch.

9. I am nearly done with my second cup of coffee. I am drinking out of this sweet mug today. 

8. Betty Sprinkles is laying on the floor. She is wearing the leopard print collar that Cordelia chose (see number 7).

7. Cordelia is craaaaazy into cheetah, leopard print.
She wears this outfit at least twice a week. She also has the same print in another short, skirt, and a few other things. Elise, following her big sister's lead, is also into the print.

6. Lucy and Bumblebee.

5. The girls just ran through screaming and laughing. Now they are back up in their room.

4. I am wrapping up work for a show that opens next month. Eric and I are showing together for the first time in several years. We are looking forward to the show being up, in part because that means a little break. Just a small one as we have other shows and projects to work on.

3. I really need to start Cordelia's school soon, but I always let them play a little late on Mondays. That and my feet are up and there is still a bit of coffee.

2. Yesterday Cordelia wanted to go barefoot to Walmart (we live in a small town, Walmart is inevitable) and I told her no. She asked why and I drew her an explanation.

1. Alright, time for this train to leave the station. What are you up to today?


Anonymous said...

I am curious of what Cordelia thought of your barefoot explanation... good illustration!

Victoria said...

Monday was about breathing a big sigh of relief. House to ourselves (and clean!) Laundry done, dinner brewing in the crock pot, pups sleeping, taxes DONE! I had several personal commitments waiting for this very moment. I was finally able to begin my Italian Rosetta Stone classes, catch up on all my correspondences, and begin honing down and shredding the mountains of meaningless paperwork I have filed everywhere. This Monday was my 1st of January and it feels good!!! Later this week...I am getting to a mosaic commission I have been dying to do....happy days!

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