Monday, June 27, 2016


Every year the museum where my husband works throws a huge arts festival. It is a great event and it is always well attended with art vendors, live music, food, shopping and lots of entertainment. The thing is that the entire museum staff has to work the whole weekend. This means loooong work days for Eric. This also means that the girls do not see much of their dad and we all miss him a great deal. Of course we are all aware that it is just one weekend, but it is still hard for little girls who miss their father.

Thankfully we were able to swing by the festival and see Eric, if only briefly, a couple of times this weekend. We also took full advantage of the festival.

On Saturday the girls and I met up with my parents to explore. Every year the girls have their faces painted. Apparently last year Elise had been disappointed that she didn't get to sit on this horse thing while her face was we waited half an hour so she could sit on the horse and have her face painted.

Not sure what she had painted...Tinkerbell maybe? She wanted a unicorn in her face, but the lady was not able to improvise. So she settled for this. She was happy enough with the result.

Cordelia asked for cheetah face, of course. Unfortunately they were again unable to improvise. So she settled for this. She was happy with the end result as well.

Eric checked in to steal a few hugs before heading off to do some more work.

We listened to some music and had shaved ice. Also, on a side note I recently misread Hawaiian Shaved Ice as Hawaiian's Have Dice---the letters all ran together.

The shaved ice servings were huge. Elise spilled hers almost instantly and then ended up sharing with my mom. Red tongues all around.

On Sunday afternoon the girls and I made a second trip. This time we got fresh made lemonade. Sooo good. We listened to some music and Cordelia freaked out when she saw a female drummer.

I let them play in the fountains.

They had such fun cooling down.

We watched a dog water jumping competition (they set up across from the museum, apparently people hang on and steal some of the free publicity). We also hunted down the balloon animal guy, made some slime and bubble painted. It was a great day.

Even better was when Eric finished and came home! He missed seeing the girls last night as he came home after they were asleep, but we will spend a family day together today!

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