Friday, August 5, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 7.5.16

Happy Friday everyone! Phone photos blasting at you across space and time!

On Friday the crew went to Riverton where we were put up for the night as Eric and I were judging art the next morning. We visited my aunt and uncle who live just out of town before putting the girls to bed.

Elise asleep in a hotel bed. My heart hurts when I look at this sweet photo.

The next morning the judging took so much longer than 2.5 hours. The girls were angels and played games on the Kindle for the entire time. Eric judged the photography and I did the  painting, drawing, sculpture. It was a long process. 

When we returned home we picked up the dogs who had stayed the night with my parents. Betty Sprinkles always passes out from exhaustion when she gets home. This time she cuddled up with her BFF to share the light.

New dress

Sunday night with my parents. The girls played in the pool while we chatted and looked on.

Cordelia in th pool. 

Elise taking a little break to warm in the sun.

My mister.

Oh, how did this donkey photo make it in here again?! Ho hum...just petting a baby donkey!!! 

Gingersnap vegan cookies.

Bumbles passed out in the studio. The older animals often snooze in the generally kid free studio.

Cordelia building a marble tower. She really gets into it!

Every day I am sketching.

Momo sleeping between guitar cases on the guest bed.

Ophelia at her favorite sleep spot in the studio.

Cats always sleep in the laundry sorting...and I wonder why we have cat hair everywhere.

Dinner of rice and veggies with tofu and cashews.

Me and Eric at the Art walk last night.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Daphne said...

This entire post was so happy and made my day. :)

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