Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Project: Hanging Plant Table

Summer is nearing and end, which means I am about to bring in a bunch of plants which have been living outside for a few months. Unfortunately Lucy is on a mission to destroy plants and I have had to become a wizard at keeping plants from her. Lucy is very athletic and determined. I decided to hunt for some different options online. I found a few DIYs that looked promising, but I was too lazy to read through it all. So this is a lazy version of something I spotted on Pinterest. I just saw a photo and figured I could do a simple and inexpensive version. The entire project took five minutes and it looks good. I spent $4 and had the rest at home.

You will need:
•round wood
*optional paint or stain

1. I purchased a round piece of wood at Menard's, which is like Home Depot. The wood cost about $4.

2. Then I spray painted it lightly, still allowing the wood grain to show through. 

3. Then I eyeballed the height at which I wanted my table. I measured plain yarn double the length plus approximately another foot for the hanging element and the with of the wood. The way I did this was by looping it back and forth evenly. You just need an even number of strands. I think I did like 20 loops.

4. Next I folded the looped ends together to meet in the middle. I used extra yarn to tie it about five inches from the top to leave a hanger.

5. Then I popped my wood circle into the matrix of yarn and separated the yarn into pairs, evenly spacing around.

6. I took a moment to make sure that the wood was level, took a second of fiddling with it, but very simple. I liked the bottom a little insane and worked to make it interesting, but you could easily keep it organized into the pairs.

7. Then I put some plants on top and sat back to revel in my lazy crafting glory.

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Roxanne Veinotte said...

That's simple and cute! Love the colour!

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