Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Slow Down

Yesterday afternoon was magic. My soul needed it desperately. Nothing really happened at all, but that was the most important part. The girls and I went out into the backyard. I set up the hammock. I laid in the hammock for about five minutes before the girls took it over.


The girls played for hours. I just worked in the yard, cleaning up the winter debris of leaves and fallen branches. I truly enjoy physical labor. I started to clean out garden beds. I basically just puttered around, working hard, but without a focused aim. I looked at caterpillars and weevils and worms and centipedes. I inspected new growth and I threw the ball for Betty Sprinkles. 


It was a grand first day of spring to be sure.


The girls made a mud pit and Cordelia asked,"Mom can we just let loose and get dirty?" I said,"Sure, but you have to get dirty from head to toe. They did.


There was a lot of laughter and exploring and all of it at the slow pace in which life is intended to be lived.

Later in the evening Eric and I were talking about it and he had mentioned a co-worker who had just returned from a trip to Italy. She had spoken with Eric about what an impression the slower pace of life had made on her.

We are so busy, always working and it is too much. Time to focus on the moments as they happen. Notice the way the sun feels on skin or dirt under nails, remember the sounds of tiny girls giggling. Taste the food we eat. Listen to the conversations we have. Be here now.

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Roxanne said...

Beautiful post, I really needed that.
I was in ICU on life support in February for almost a week, then in the hospital recovering for 2 more weeks.
I am still weak, my chest still hurts from the CPR and the paddles they used. Yes, I died for 2 minutes, my body shut down, all my organs, even my brain, no activity, while they panicked to do all they could to bring me back.
I am now enjoying "life" ... the flowers, the birds in the morning, even the snow! I am "cooped up" in the house at the moment as I am not well enough to drive. But we have a yard with squirrels scampering about and neighbors with dogs, so I am beginning to live, not just exist...

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