Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot One

Yesterday was full on summer. The day was hot, hot, hot. I took Bumblebee on a mid-morning walk and about halfway through she looked at me and seemed to give up all hope that she would survive. She's a bit on the dramatic side when it comes to heat.

Later, we had our first barbecue of the season over at my parent's house. Mom and I had a little trouble getting the grill going, but it finally took off.

We had veggie burgers and some veggies. Have you ever had pineapple on a veggie burger? It's so good. Dinner was delicious. The highlights included Dad and Eric thinking that they were hilarious joke tellers and Sam having a little mishap with his beverage. Mom and I just bore witness to the nonsense.

When Eric and I got home we discovered that our house had been turned into a blazing inferno. OK, that's an exaggeration, it was just uncomfortably hot. I opened the windows turned on some fans and tried to keep my enthusiasm high. I tried to stay low to the ground, so I may have been crawling around taking photos, not my most glamorous moment.

Soon I gave up on trying to pretend that I could handle the heat and rolled around on the floor with Bumblebee. Just a note, when you're 6 months pregnant rolling-in spite of a distinctly rounded belly-is not very easy. Getting off the floor involved some serious grunts and maybe a pathetic plea to Eric for help.

In spite of the heat it was still a delightful day because:
a) Barbecues make me happy
b) It was the start of Eric's weekend.
c)Sometimes a girl just needs to roll around on the floor and be wimpy.


Stacy said...

I love grilled pineapple. It's so delicious! Yesterday was humid here but not crazy hot (only 86, not in the 90s). Stay cool my friend!

Meg Wolff said...

Yum! I know why I love your blog! XO

Elizabeth said...

in the 90s here!
i am taking my kiddos to the beach in about 10 minutes!

when i was pregnant with maddie we were staying with some relatives for a whole month and LLOONNGG story, but at one point, when just ben and i were in the house, i laid down on the floor and kicked my legs and pounded my fists and cried. i had a little temper tantrum. then i felt a bit better.

get a window air conditioner. your pregnant self will thank you. :)

Tammie said...

the heat is unbearable.

i loooove pineapple on my veggie burgers. its delish.

affectioknit said...

That BBQ sounds so yummy!

Emily said...

I hear ya with the heat. It was 102 today here in OKC. Air conditioning is vital to survive around these parts. And I agree-- grilled pineapple is just plain YUMMY.

..... Carmen said...

That looks like a scrumptious way to spend a hot day... and I'm suitably impressed you were able to get down on the ground and actually roll around! lol Did Eric take photos?

sophie said...

mmmm BBQs, SO GOOD! We haven't touched our BBQ for ages, it's too cold! I Love grilled pineapple, it goes all gooey and sweet, very tasty. In summer we grill peaches and mangoes with a little brown sugar on them - very tasty!

the dwellers said...

Summer is here too!

I second the recommendation for a window ac unit...its a beautiful thing! :)

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