Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Bit About Yesterday. Mostly Random

Yesterday morning started off well when Eric recounted his bizarre dream. We were sitting down to breakfast. He had coffee, I had orange juice and we were eating some cereal with soy milk. As is often my practice I asked him if he remembered his dream. Usually he doesn't, but if he does it is generally bits of information from the day before all jumbled together. He looked at me with a little twinkle in his eye. I knew he'd had a good dream. He had dreamed that a hair eating possum had attacked him and tried to eat his hair. He recalled feeling stupid because he knew he should stay away from hair eating possums. I choked down my laughter and a spoonful of cereal. The rest of the day I tried to bring up hair eating possums as much as possible because that's how I roll.


Yesterday was really hot. People were moving slowly all over town. Eric and I went out and ran some errands, but the heat was just too oppressive to really be outside. I know my brother in Phoenix is rolling his eyes because he's dealing with triple digit heat on a daily basis and I don't think we ever hit the triple digits.

Early evening hit and the entire town lost power. It was really pretty amazing. With no fans we were forced out of our house. We grabbed Bumblebee and drove around town, with the a/c going. People were out all over. It was really nice to see people taking walks and out on their porches. Who knew so many people lived here? I would love it if there was an evening power outage every evening this summer. Sure it's hot, but I saw so many neighbors talking to each other, people reading on their porches, kids outside with their parents. It was like TV, Internet and video games didn't exist. It was also kind of like that part of the movie Bambi when he first learns to walk, it's a little awkward but he soon gets the hang of it. Anyway, power was restored after a few hours and people slowly went back indoors as the sun began to set.

What did you do yesterday?


Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! Sorry about the heat :0( But, so glad you made the most of it :-)

Robin said...

It's crazy to think so, but power outages are so exciting!

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