Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday we hit newscaster gold. For those of you who are not aware Eric and I have a long standing obsession with spotting local newscasters. I am not sure why, so let's not investigate the psychology behind it right now. Maybe that can be a post for a really boring day when I don't have such thrilling news.


Yesterday evening we headed to the local baseball game. We were torn about the whole thing since it was a Montana team (where our real loyalties lie) versus a Wyoming team (our home is in Wyoming). OK, so we weren't really torn since we aren't seriously into baseball. For us it's all about the people watching, mixed in with a little game watching.

We took our seats, looking around for interesting characters (one of my favorites being an older gentleman with a shirt that read I'm a Keeper). When we finally focused on the field we discovered that one of the local newscasters Jacqueline had thrown the first pitch. Eric and I exchanged incredulous looks and watched as she sauntered up to the press box. So, Eric and I spent the rest of the game spying on the newscasters.


Additional highlights included:

The French family behind us. I was eavesdropping on their conversation, hoping it would be thrilling, but they were just talking about baseball.

A small girl who was obsessed with the mascot named Hobart, but she kept accidentally calling him Walmart. "Mom I wanna gooo see Walmart.".

The old woman who was chosen as sweetheart of the game. She got flowers.

A cup of pink lemonade. My favorite.

What did you do last night?


Stacy said...

I went to see Grease last night. Great cast, awesome voices, excellent choreography... wonderful time!

sophie said...

Lucia's kinder class has a little mascot giraffe called Melvin but Lucia calls him Melbourne (as in the city in Australia), it's so cute.

Last night I did more hex quilting, I absolutely love it!!

Robin said...

Next time we chat, I will have to tell you about my newscaster sitings!

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