Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breakfast Picnic

Yesterday morning Eric and I decided to go on a breakfast picnic.I woke up early as is my usual practice, particularly with this little girl jumping around inside my guts. I started some banana nut muffins, knowing that I'd have time to finish them before Eric was up and ready to head out. Once everything was prepared we grabbed Bumblebee and headed to a nearby park.

Picnic Basket
I packed our vegan breakfast up in our adorable little picnic basket, a wedding gift.

Breakfast Picnic
I addition to the banana nut muffins I made a breakfast burrito for us to split , some fresh fruit, coffee and juice.

Eric at Breakfast Picnic
We had our pick of the picnic locations because there just aren't many folks picnicking first thing in the morning.

Maria Rose on Picnic 7/12/09
After breakfast and some nice conversation we took Bumblebee on a walk through the park before starting off our day.

What did you do that was out of the ordinary?


Emily said...

What a cheerful and delicious way to start the day. We used to have a picnic basket like that....will have to go hunt for it now.

The Grandpa said...

The neighborhood association where we live maintains a neighborhood pool. We've lived here for over a year and a half but had never taken advantage of it. Yesterday we got uo early and went together to the pool. It was just the two of us at that hour. Very peaceful and enjoyable and a great way to start the day.

Your picnic sounds wonderful.

45+ and Aspiring said...

You do the most romantic things and make them seem so easy.

You are inspiring.

So glad to see you smiling and doing so well. I'm excited about your new little addition.

Annie said...

Love the last picture!

Out of the ordinary? Had breakfast at 2 pm. Ricecakes and green tea. I'm not an early person but this morning was really late as my husband took care of the baby. :-)

Gen said...

I love the picnic set & the sunshine looks wonderful.
(My daughter adores your dog & her name)

Anonymous said...

You're so pretty.

Robin said...

I love picnic baskets, but have never had one! That would be such a lovely morning to spend with somebody special.

Out of the ordinary?? Had to put together a new crib for Fritz. He broke his!

Josiane said...

A breakfast picnic! What a fabulous idea!
I made crepes for my gentlemand friend and I this morning. It's not exactly out of the ordinary, as I'm doing it semi-regularly, but it had been a long time, so it was particularly nice.
Have a great week!

Nikki Cardigan said...

I love picnics and I love breakfast.... what a perfect idea to combine the two!

The photo of you is beautiful. That is one your daughter will need to see... of you looking so happy and beautiful with her in your belly.

My open roads said...

how I love picnics! definitely don't do enough of them, should learn already that sunny days don't always stay around and better to catch them when they're here than not :) love your picnic set!

Anonymous said...

We have a fully, fancy-stocked picnic basket that we've never used. Must pull it out when we unpack this time! Yes, you are an inspiration!

Our Green Nest said...

I love this! So cute. I love picnics! What an adorable basket...

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