Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finding Inspiration

Eric and I were recently talking about creative inspiration and where it is found. Do you find your creative inspiration within yourself or do you pull it from external sources?


Here is where I find my inspiration:

My own juicy brain. I have a very active interior world. I have a long running inner monologue (which never turns off) and sometimes I manage to get myself inspired.

My husband. Eric and I talk all of the time. He is often very helpful when I just need to talk out an idea, to figure out the next step, or just to get motivated. He is really good at pumping me up to get to it, whatever it may be.

Nature. Being outside is like this never ending source for inspiration. When I really let myself take a good look at the little things that make up the big picture I can hardly contain myself, I feel like I must get to work. I am inspired by patterns created by light, pebbles on the ground, the smart eye of a robin, anything.

Books. I love to read and often I find my interior world influenced by the voices of authors. I wonder how the author would describe a situation, what it would look like, how that translates into reality. Other times I am influenced by art books, just seeing what other people have accomplished gets me gung ho to do something myself.

Profiles. I know this one is weird, but when I see someone with a unique nose I want to memorize and paint it. Hooked noses always have me eager to get to a canvas. I am not sure why I am so interested in noses and profiles in general, but they really make me feel like painting or photographing.

Other People. When I have a friend, or see a fellow blogger who has been really productive I feel like I should answer the call as well.

Winter. When I am trapped indoors I find that I have two options 1. Be creative 2. Go stir crazy

So, where do you find inspiration to be creative?

PS What do you think of the new header that Eric made for me?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the header!! :-) Blogs, books and nature are my main source of inspiration (such as it is). Have a lovely weekend!

Emily said...

I also love the new header! Nice job! And your inspiration list is similar to mine. Books are definitely at the top for me-- can I say that sometimes an author's word choice is just delicious. Can I use delicious to describe words? I think so. And friends are definitely inspiring as well. =)

the dwellers said...

I just got back from a trip and am catching today. I love the header... gorgeous photos and totally fun. :)

Gifting usually inspires me to dig in and create something that will bless someone's heart.

Court said...

I like the new look! Hmmm... lets see... I think from just about anywhere but mostly visual outlets like movies and such. Neat post!

Robin said...

The header is SUPER COOL! I did that for your benefit... but yes, it is and it is so you, and you look so gorgeous in it!

Amanda said...

I totally agree with the 'other people' point. I can't help but be inspired when I see how many talented people there are out there and the inevitable comparisons mean that I get a sense of my own strengths and weaknesses - where I can improve and where things are good. Now, on the header, I think it is beautiful - just gorgeous! Congrats to Eric!

Robin said...

Had to come back to this post... I love the pic of your freakish-big feet!

sophie said...

Inspiration comes from everywhere. My kids are great for it, they come up with some really weird, interesting and original stuff. I love reading blogs, it gives me a huge creativity boost, and I also find inspiration lurking in my head, it too never stops, always buzzing!

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