Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!!

Sam, my youngest brother, turns 16 today! Holy smokes I can't believe he's 16. I am sure he'll be off to the DMV first thing this morning in order to get his driver's license. Since I used his photo in yesterday's post and he hates when I take his picture I decided to add Miss Bumblebee in her birthday celebration gear to this post.


I would like to take this time to list 16 reasons to celebrate my youngest brother.

1)He is really interested in learning. If he doesn't know something, he will research it.

2)He's self-aware. He has this sense of who he is, even when he doesn't know just where he's going in life. It's pretty amazing.

3)He is cool. You know, he's too cool for school (although he does in fact go to school).

4) He really cares about the feelings of others. After encounters with people he will often reflect upon the experience and question whether or not he said and did the right thing because he doesn't want to hurt people's feelings.

5) One of his cats rides on his shoulder like a parrot.

6) He plans for the future. As I mentioned yesterday, he has been saving up so he could buy his first car...and he did. I think my 'car savings' was a jar of change that I raided for coffee. Now he is saving up to buy a house.

7) He let's me call him Sug (pronounced Shoog) which once began as Sugar Booger when he was a baby. I don't know many people who would allow such a nickname to stick around.

8)He's really easy to talk to. Not like a normal teenager, he can have conversations that span everything from music to the world economy.

9) When he was little he named his fish Jason.

10) He's really good at making conversation. He asks questions and offers insight like a pro.

11)He made the choice to go vegetarian by himself, when he was in elementary school!

12)When he asks for advice from others he actually listens and takes it in, sometimes too well.

13)He has a bamboo plant that he's been taking care of for years.

14) He's learning to play drums which is pretty cool.

15)He's a giant. The youngest member of the family now towers over us all in height and we're a very tall family (well, maybe not my mom...sorry Mom).

16)He's really funny. He has a great dry sense of humor.

Happy birthday to Sam!!!!


Annie said...

Your brother sounds like a cool guy. :-) I love those old photos below!

E.K. said...

2 other things:

1. He has a statue of Buddha which he named Tim the Buddha (Tim the Buddha also wears a miniature San Diego Chargers helmet).

2. He just allowed me to give him the nickname Da Weez.

Happy B-day Sam!!! Now pick your sister up and take her for a ride, she needs out of the house.

Josiane said...

Your brother sounds like a very cool guy! Happy birthday, Sam!

By the way, I didn't realise it yesterday, but it hit me today - that makes for one more thing we have in common: my little brother's name is also Sam! He's 29 now, but he also had bought his first car a little before he turned 16 and got his real driver's license. It's really too funny (almost creepy?!) to find all those similitudes!

AKM said...

Happy birthday, Sam!

Your whole family sounds so cool. I guess that's not surprising, since you are as well, right? :-)

Hope you're having a fun day way out West.

Carol said...

Happy birthday to your bro!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

What a nice tribute to your brother! And, Happy Birthday Sam!

Dooder City said...

Hahahah 'he has a fish named jason' I love little bumble bee. Please post more photos of the lovely dog. Ok and E.K.'s comment is hysterical.

Robin said...

Happy birthday to you Sam!

I remember when you were much smaller, tying bows in your hair and putting blue eyeshadow on you! It was your sister's idea, so blame her!!

Holly said...

jason the fish!!! aw so hilarious and wonderful at the same time

Nikki Cardigan said...

It's funny how we know we all grow up and get older, but are so surprised when those younger than us do!

It sounds like your baby girl has an amazing uncle!

Samuel said...

Thank you sister! I greatly appreciate it as well as your help in naming Granny-Gisela-Thunderclap-Struck! Oh and Eric has some excellent points there.

Cathy said...

Happy birthday Sam.. Great to read about you.. I hope you'll enjoy the whole year..

Karlene Kamelle said...

Holly cow Sam is 16! The picture in the previous post of Sam blew me away, I don't think I have seen him since NM at your wedding. Time goes so quickly.

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