Friday, July 24, 2009

What are you up to?


Isn't this a great photo? I didn't take it, my husband did. He's a great photographer and only rarely does he take nature photos. Anyway, I thought you might like this photo even though it has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Let's see. Today is Eric's day off, so we get to spend the whole day together. What to do? Here are the stats for today:
  • It's going to be crazy hot. We have no a/c so at some point today we will both roll around whining about the heat. Don't worry, we'll manage to overcome, but I fear it's inevitable.
  • We need to go for a bike ride by the river this evening.
  • I may need to give Ophelia (our fat cat) a haircut. Partially because it's hot and partially because it's pretty funny to cut her hair.
  • We must to get new Wyoming license plates. We realized a couple of days ago that our plates expired last month! Yikes. I thought they expired at the end of this month. Anyway, we're going to stop living like outlaws and turn ourselves into legitimate Wyomingites.
  • Wash Bumblebee. She's smells BAD. I am tempted to describe the odor, but I will refrain just in case you are eating as you read.
What are your plans for today?


Stacy said...

I was eating while reading...I'm working today and happy houring tonight! Luckily, Rosy came to work with me today, making it all nicer. We're off for a doggie walk now!

AKM said...

That photo is amazing! The colors and the symmetry of the dandelion...I really like it!

What I'm up too...well, I've been in kind of a cranky cynical mood all week, so I think tonight I'll watch one of my all-time favorite feel-good flicks, Love Actually. It always makes me laugh, and cry in a good way.

Am I dreaming, or did you say once that you put together a cookbook of sorts? I've been rereading Sarah's, trying to get back in the veggie mindset. Every time I fall off the wagon, it's mostly because of laziness, i.e., I don't want to cook every day. I'm single and have a lot of free time, though, so I should NOT be claiming this as my problem! :-)

Hope you got all of your plans accomplished!

Robin said...

Packing! We put up the for sale signs in the windows last nigh, but won't list in the paper until next month.

Tell EK the photo rocks!

bobeesah said...

Diego and I visited a good friend and her little 10 week old and now he's sleeping and I'm planning on making chocolate chip cookies. If only to quell the craving I've given myself thinking about them. Mmmm....homemade cookies.

mrs boo radley said...

I had a cello named Ophelia!

And we are a/c-free and may hit triple digits this weekend.

I sez: bring it.

LOVE the sunshine and humidity-free heat!

Elizabeth said...

yes! love the pic! the colors are amazing!

i am eating toast with honey . . .

did you wash bumblebee? and do all the fun things you had planned?

today, we are off to a funny little lake to meet up with a bunch of ben's cousins who also have small children. we have a boat to use for the day!!!! so we can go tubing and waterskiing and fun things like that! i am so excited!

i hope you have a lovely saturday!

Annie said...

Cute belly pic! Your husband is a great photographer. PS. There's an award for you in my blog.

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