Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Things He Does

This blog is called Little Things are Big, as you may be aware. I was giving some thought to the little things that make my life feel so full and I couldn't help but notice how many of those little things were coming from my husband. Today I thought I would have a good old fashioned mushy love fest and share with the world some of the little things that my husband does.

Handsome Hubby 8/17/09
  • He is a good hand holder. He holds my hand, but if it's really hot he has the sense to just give me a good hand squeeze.
  • When I am not pregnant he makes the perfect cup of coffee and delivers it every morning.
  • He always holds the door for me.
  • He lets me fall asleep on him if we're lounging around and won't move, even if he needs to use the restroom, because he doesn't want to wake me up.
  • He gives compliments freely.
  • He puts dirty dishes away.
  • He knows, particularly lately, just when to rub the small of my back without me having to ask.
  • He makes me laugh constantly.
  • He pumps the gas.
  • He has been taking care of the cat box all by himself (we used to share the chore) since I've been pregnant. This is a nasty job and it is well appreciated. He never tries to get out of it.
  • He is a best friend in the truest sense.
  • He has been reminding me to pack antacids in my purse. I have been having awesome acid reflux as a result of pregnancy and I keep finding myself without any relief. So, he has taken it upon himself to make sure all is well.
I suppose I could just go on and on, but I would love to hear some of the little things that the people in your life do for you. I really enjoy hearing about the good things we do for each other. Please share.


Chrissy said...

We know each other so well, that when we cook together he knows what I prefer and will cook what I like... and I do the same for him.... I will iron his clothes since he does not have the knack for ironing... I know he appreciates that gesture a whole lot... I recently sent him a gas card which I know will help him out... he's self employed and work is tight there... He recently sent me a very expensive necklace for my b'day... which I knew he loved picking it out and has a deep meaning to him...even tho I wished he hadn't splurged...
We also have this sense where we can tell what will irk the other!. I am sure u and your Eric have that sense as well.

Your Eric is a definite keeper 4 sure!.

sophie said...

I have a wonderful husband too, and I love how the longer we are together the more we just synch with each other.

That is a lovely photo of Eric.

Elizabeth said...

really???? only two people told you what they love about one of their people????

well. here goes one good thing about a whole bunch of good people i know. :)

ben - my husband - he knows just when to pull me onto his lap for a big, stress-relieving hug.

maddie - my girl - she loves to draw me the sweetest pictures - pictures of her and me, pictures of flowers and trees and seas and all sorts of happy things.

isaac - my boy - when i tuck him in he gives the best hugs and funny little-boy kisses.

the kids in ben's and my youth group - they all call me "E" or "Auntie E" - in this sweet, funny way.

my dad tells me that i'm doing a really good job as a wife and mom.

my mom remembers to cut things out of the paper that i would find interesting.

my sister is awesome at just picking up her phone and calling me. just to chat.

sally - my neighbor - sometimes she just takes my kids for half an hour or an hour - just because.

elissa - one of my best friends - she notices the important things and prays for me.

liz - my other best friend - she writes the best letters and sends lovely packages to me.

stef - my third best friend - she makes me laugh. and makes sure to tag me in her funny ramblings on facebook so i for sure get to read them and have a good laugh.

people who take the time to leave comments on my blog. doesn't that make your day, too? especially when the comments are really, well, when they have that certain "something" about them.

this is getting super long . . . i think i'm going to post it on my blog tomorrow . . . :)

thanks for making me think about little things i love about my dear people.

the dwellers said...

I love your list. It is so nice to ponder just the positive details sometimes.
Here are a few of mine:
*He lays out my vitamins every day
*If I am out late, he always waits up until I'm safe at home
*He shared diaper duty!
*The other day I found a little note from him hidden in my makeup box
*He sings Jesus Loves Me and prays with our kids every night before bed
:) I am blessed!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Great post Maria. I hope that Eric reads what you write. And this is one to make sure your baby girl is able to read one day too.

One of the little things that my husband does is put toothpaste on my brush for me. It's simple but thoughtful. xx

Linda said...

Beautiful post!

I love to see how much my husband adores our son. I love the look on my husband`s and my son`s face when they play. Pure bliss.
I love that my mom calls me all the time to keep in touch even though we are miles apart.
I love the silent love from my dad, which he finds hard to express in words, but never fails to show with his actions.
I love getting hand made gifts from my grandmother. I know there`s a bit of love for us in every stitch.

I love EVERY little thing about my son, his toes, his soft skin, his dimpled hands. His laughter is the most beautiful sound in the whole world. How he smiles with his whole face.

Leah said...

- I love when my husband calls me at work, even though he has nothing to say, except that he loves me and was thinking about me, and can't wait to see me when I get home.
- I love when my Mom emails me to see if I'm okay because I didn't respond to an email she wrote me two days minutes earlier.
- I love when my Dad calls me to see how my golf game went, or takes me to golf or out to eat, or fishing in the boat, just the two of us.
- I love when I get phone calls or emails from friends saying they are happy for me, love me, and were thinking of me.

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