Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day in the Life

I have been carefully studying Bumblebee's schedule and realized that she has it pretty much all figured out. Man alive this girl has a serious routine to her life. Today I thought I'd give you a picture of a day in her life.

6:30am-ish Wake up and run to my side of the bed. She tries to lick my face and paws at me with her wonky foot. After making sure that I am awake she runs into the living room and does a full body wag waiting to gleefully greet both of us. If it's the weekend she may repeat this process several times as we may sleep in a bit later.

6:45am She goes outside for her morning business, followed by her breakfast of vegan dog food.

6:50-10:20am Nap time after an exhausting morning. She likes to lay on pillows. Needless to say I wash those pillows a lot.

10:20am Wander around feeling anxious about going for a walk, even though she is taken on a walk every single day rain or shine, blizzard or scorching heat. She likes to sniff our clothes to determine if we're wearing outside or inside clothes. Seriously she can tell the difference between pajamas and normal clothes, it's freaky.

11:30am Return from walk and get a drink of water, then stick rear in the air, rub face in carpet and bark joyfully.

11:30am-3:55pm Afternoon nap.
*Occasionally her afternoon has the surprise treat of visits by my family. When this occurs she nearly loses her mind as she is overcome with joy. Seriously, you have never been to a better welcoming party, this girl makes her company feel well loved.

4:30pm Dinner. She always sits patiently and waits for her meals. Although a tell-tale pool of drool often marks her place. Not fun to slip in it.

4:32pm After inhaling her meal she likes to begin her lookout for Eric who is soon to come home.

5:15pm Eric returns and Bumblebee races around joyfully. Shenanigans often ensue.

5:30pm Sit on the kitchen floor and rest while dinner is prepared. She is quite well behaved about the process, she doesn't beg. She just sits there hoping against hope that some scraps of food will fall her way.

6:30pm An optional walk or outing often occurs.

Evening nap
7:30pm Evening nap. She likes to try out every bed or piece of furniture in our home throughout the course of the evening.

10:00pm Last call for evening business.

10:02pm Bedtime. She puts herself to bed, sometimes sighing in annoyance that we don't share the same bedtime as her.


affectioknit said...

Aren't dogs just the BEST!!!

Elizabeth said...

i like bumblebee stories.

and i guess your girl won't share a birthday with my girl. i was really hoping that there wouldn't be a new post from you today . . . .


Meg Wolff said...

Like the "full body wag!" Bumblebee could win a pet photo contest.

Emily said...

I would love to meet Bumblebee one day and experience her wonderful welcome in person!

Stacy said...

If I'm not in bed at 11 PM, Rosy disappears to the bedroom as if telling me "Mom, it's bed tiiime."

Your new little girl - and middle of the night feedings - are going to throw off that schedule. ;-)

Robin said...

Oh, BumB... you are soo dang cute!

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