Saturday, September 26, 2009

Distractions From Contractions

Yesterday my Mom came over and took a walk with me. Then Eric, Dad and I all had a lovely lunch (prepared by my mother) at our house. I'll tell you this waiting game is really getting me a lot of quality time with my family. Once we were done eating lunch Eric and I took another walk. Seriously I think I have walked all of the miles there are to walk. We've even exhausted the inexhaustible Miss Bumblebee (she wasn't really into the last walk yesterday).

Eric on walk

After that we decided that a little distraction was in order. We decided to head out and just wander around town and check out the thrift stores or whatever seemed like a good distraction.



We entertained ourselves by taking weird photos.

We played foosball at a thrift store. Eric won. I blame it on the contractions.

We walked around some more, which obviously did not end up in a trip to labor and delivery. So, we continued on our quest. Eventually we found the weirdest store in the world. I thought you might like a few highlights from this store. I was walking around the store laughing hysterically at all of the bizarre items lining the shelves. Strangely the store also sold antiques, food, sinks, home repair items, dishes, disco balls, etc.

Let me describe this little strange treasure for you. For the price of $49.98 You can get this elephant fountain. Yes, it has a water feature. The glowing orb in the center actually changes colors. I was beyond words when I confronted this. When I find things like this I always wonder what events led to its creation. Was there a staff meeting at the fountain company? Did someone see this in a dream?

Next up we have a statuette of a bear grooming a raccoon. Wow! What more can I say about this? Awesome.

After all of the fun at the Ripley's Believe it or Not store we decided to head downtown and have a cup of coffee.


At first we talked about how much longer this labor limbo could possibly go on. Then we realized that no matter what we are just so close to meeting our daughter. We are so very excited.



Sarah Kramer said...

While you're waiting ... :)

Here's a great article to read:

Emily said...

I think someone was on acid when they created the elephant water fountain/glowing orb statue. That is just crazy! I'm glad it provided a good laugh and a good distraction for you. Maybe laughing really hard will finally send you into full blown labor!

Josiane said...

This must indeed be a very exciting time, and finding ways to occupy said time must be quite hard as nothing compares to finally meeting your little girl! You did an awesome job of it, though. I love that you got some good family time, and that you went on to find such weird treasures! I hope the little one won't trial your patience for much longer and will make her grand entrance soon!

..... Carmen said...

How exciting! I remember those waiting hours well. That Elephant orb is seriously strange. At least you are entertaining yourselves! Nate and I played video games in between our walks (it was pouring rain outside). I NEVER play video games. He continuously won - I too blamed it on the contractions. Thinking of you!

Karlene Kamelle said...

Yay how exiting!!!! You're about to be parents! Chris and I are still planning on getting over there in the Spring, I can't wait to meet her and see you both!

the dwellers said...

Fun photos... those record shots were hilarious.

Looking forward to your big announcement.

affectioknit said...

That was hilarious - I'm still giggling...

Best wishes!!!

Chrissy said...

Baby will come when u least expect it... keep walkin'

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