Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Day

Yesterday I mentioned that Eric and I were going on a pre-baby date. We have no doubt that my family will make great babysitters in the months to come, but we wanted to get one good date in before we take on life with a little one.

Eric has been fighting off a head cold, but insisted that we make this day a great one. We did. Here are some photos of our delightful date day.

We started off our day by taking Miss Bumblebee on a walk along the river. We start every day off by taking Bumblebee on a walk.

At the museum 9/5/09
After dropping Bumblebee off for her afternoon nap on the couch we headed to the art museum. The art museum has this great little program where they invite a musician to come and play for an hour at noon. Most people bring lunches and just sit and enjoy the performance. The musicians this week were an oldies cover band. They played a lot of Dion and it made our day!!!

We held hands.

After the show we wandered around the museum, which was free for the day. Then we headed out to lunch. We had veggie burgers and they hit the spot. We took our time eating and having a wonderful conversation.

After lunch we decided to drive up and over the mountain. About halfway up there is a place where you can get out of the car and look at the view. I am afraid of heights so the fact that I didn't throw up was really the accomplishment for me.

We found ourselves way back on a dirt road that my mother had shown to me last fall. We agreed that there is something lovely and wild about Wyoming that really grows on a person (though it's not Montana).

After our adventure up and down the mountain we decided to go out for coffee (decaf for me). We sat and enjoyed our conversation. I am so thankful that I married my best friend.

Oh and I was able to use my belly as a table. I felt pretty cool about that.


Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful!


Gen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I miss coffee shops that are open in the evening.

Sandi said...

There is only one other couple I know of that makes me gush--my grandparents.

It seemed like a wonderful date.

I found that once Evie was old enough, it was so much fun bringing her along. Just adds that bit of sweetness that makes me giggle.

I am so happy for your guys, you are going to be awesome parents.

Emily said...

Looks like a lovely day. Your "coffee on the belly" shot is too cute.

..... Carmen said...

Sounds like a delightful date! :)

Stacy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. And, you know that last photo of you? You glow... ;-)

Elizabeth said...

looks like a lovely date day!

and i'm still crossing my fingers for the 9th! that's wednesday! and she'd share a birthday with maddie. :)

Widge said...

I have an ward for you over at My Guide....xo

Robin said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time together!

Josiane said...

Lovely day! It's great that you documented it all. Not for us (though it was nice to read about it), but for the three of you. I'm sure your little one will eventually appreciate this glimpse into this day you spent together before she arrived.

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