Sunday, October 4, 2009

The World Has Continued to Turn

Well, in the past week I have been quite reasonably distracted. I have been home bound; recovering and just staring at our daughter.

Cordelia's face

I have felt as though all time has stopped. My father, who fell asleep on the couch yesterday, can probably attest to that as well. When a new baby is around to distract you it seems as though the world has changed it's rotation, that there are no seasons, or at least that they have all stopped to gaze right along with you.

This morning I stepped outside of the house and it seems as though the whole world has shifted. It is fall here. The leaves are all in varying degrees of change, the air is cold, the Wyoming wind seems to have returned. I can't believe that on this day last week I was wearing a light summery dress and today it is time to break out the jackets. Maybe this week we'll take a little drive to see the fall colors emerging around town. I love fall.

Have you noticed the seasonal shift as well? Has it been sudden in your area?


hazel said...

what beautiful eyelashes!
she is a cutie, and such a lovely name

Stacy said...

Our leaves are just starting to switch. I'm hoping to go out next weekend and take some photos!

Widge said...

aawwwll look at that delicious soft skin!!
We are heading into spring over here so taking the layers off yay!!
I relate to your feelings of feeling like the world has stopped with you. Such an amazing time of change happening in your life right now. All the best xo

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

Congratulations on your lovely daughter!mom1924

..... Carmen said...

First I'm amazed at how frequently you've been posting! When Grace was born, I remember clearly going outside after the first week, and the trees were in bloom and Spring had arrived. I think it's wonderful that your world has stopped to gaze with you :) Enjoy your drive to take in Fall!

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous shot of your baby....yes, weather change here. Freesia bulbs and others have popped out of the ground!...and that chill is there

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