Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grandpa George

I never got to meet my dad's father. His name was George. Even though we've never met I've always felt as though I've had a relationship with him.


When I was little I would talk to him, look through his wallet and wonder what he was like. I knew he was a farmer, that he was in World War II, but much of this man remained a mystery to me.

Soon, my aunt Karen will be bringing some of his possessions for Eric to research. I can't wait to learn more about this man who has always been so very much alive to me. More than anything I am so thankful that Cordelia will get to know her grandparents and even her great grandparents and one great great grandmother!


Stacy said...

All my grandparents died when I was young except my grandmother who passed when I was 16. I often wonder about who they were as people. I hope Eric is able to do some great research.

Emily said...

I love that photograph of your grandfather. I wonder what he is thinking about?

Elizabeth said...

I had a papa George too! He was a merchant marine and he always had the coolest stuff. Like tabletops made from exotic butterfly wings and coins from all over the world. And he would always slip me money like it was a secret. So cool!

Hello Lindello said...

Thats cool you will soon be discovering more about him.

I love knowing my grandpa. Bens grandpa is pretty amazing too. What a cool generation.

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