Monday, November 16, 2009

Life's a Gas

Yesterday afternoon was spent blissfully snuggling with my sleeping daughter. Quiet and peaceful.

We were curled into a little nest in the corner of the couch. I was reading a magazine in between long periods of baby gazing. Bumblebee snuggled up next to us. We were the picture of serenity.

Eric came home right as the sun was setting. He got in some sweet smiles and snuggle time from Cordelia before it happened...

What happened you may be wondering...well it was not the picture of serenity. Out of nowhere Miss Cordelia was stricken with one of those mystery afflictions that so upset babies. We go through the checklist:
  • Hungry? No
  • Poopy? No
  • Sleepy? No
  • Bored? No
Then we're out of ideas. What else could be upsetting the little lady? Her howls grew louder and her lip quivered and turned down in just such a way that we were both charmed and heartbroken. Finally we settled on gas as the reason for her upset. Now I don't know about you, but I feel like many a baby cry has been blamed on gas. I'm not really sure how unsettling gas is to a baby, but we just accept that it's probably at the root of the problem.

We tried everything to get the little lady to calm. She would quiet for a bit and then she would bubble over in a new wave of baby fury. I can't blame her, it must be annoying to have such limited means of communication. Cordelia really cries very little, so when it does happen we are quite shocked and probably overreact. Our hearts break as her mournful little wails tug at our heartstrings.

Finally, through some miracle Eric was able to calm her with some sort of mysterious powers. He spent the rest of the night rocking her and speaking softly, possibly out of fear.

Nurse Bumblebee seemed to be genuinely interested in assisting us as we tried to calm Miss Cordelia. Anytime she could she attempted to lick Cordelia's head. The rest of the time she just sort of hovered around, waiting for her time to shine.

The cats seemed completely oblivious if not slightly annoyed.

After it was all over I was pretty happy that I have such a radical (yep I must use the word) husband. Eric and I really work well as a team, each offering to help the other out as we tried to help our little lady with her gas. So yes, as Marc Bolan ( of T-Rex) would say Life's a Gas.


affectioknit said...

So glad your little one is all better!

Chrissy said...

So a bout w/gas? Someone told me to stretch the baby's legs back and forth and it slowly relaxes the tummy... I like the way Eric is holding her all swaddled, that calms them too....u guys are doing great w/C.

Nikki Cardigan said...

So how long did you spend looking into her eyes, just hoping for a sign, any sign of what was wrong? I often found myself actaully begging the kids to tell me what was wrong. Whatever it was, I would fix it. As you said, it is absolutely heartbreaking when you baby is so distressed.

You have already figured out the only thing that worked for us.... teamwork.

Joe and Talsie said...

Our family, unfortunately, battled the difficult affliction of colic. Every night at 6 from about 5 weeks old he would howl for more than an hour. We found a miracle cure in the 5 S's of The Happiest Baby on the Block. It is definitely worth a look even if you have a typically calm and happy baby. The tricks have worked on every child I have ever known. They are not new or surprising. They are old. The things our grandparents used.

Annie said...

We had to give the baby disflatyl drops (prevent the gas from forming) in addition to lactic acid bacteria but they didn't really help until I got antibiotics myself for breast infection. So I guess it was bad bacteria in my boy's case. That's actually a common cause. But luckily you only have occasional problems. Our boy was crying for hours in the beginning even though we did everything. That gas can be truly painful for a little tummy.

I also noticed that some food I ate caused gas for him, like wholegrain wheat (Kellogg Bran Flakes).

Christina Lowry said...

It is heartbreaking isn't it. Like Chrissy, we would bend Cohen's knees and push them up to his tummy while he was laying on his back. If it was gas he would stop crying in that position and we would have an answer. Cohen also cried and cried and cried one night and when I spoke to the health nurse she said he was having a growth spurt and by crying and feeding extra he was making sure my milk supply increased. Cohen slept swaddled until he was six months old! He just couldn't go to sleep if his arms were out. Which was fun when he became strong enough to pull his arms and but unable to put them back in! I hope there are no more tears for awhile. :)

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