Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wind and Holidays


Last night was so windy. I felt like the house was breathing in and out as the wind forced itself through every crack and crevice before subsiding. We were all snug inside, heater on, fresh banana bread (I'm obsessed) cooling in the kitchen. The wind always seems to signal the holidays to me. For the past several years we have journeyed to Wyoming, before we lived here, to celebrate the holidays. Our travels were always marked by sore wrists from holding the steering wheel against the wind. Now with the return of the wind I feel as though the holiday season has officially begun.

Eric and I have started our Christmas lists. We are planning our gifts for friends and family. Today I am headed over to work on a sewing project with my mother, it's intended to be a gift for a friend who is expecting her first child this holiday season.

Right now it's almost Thanksgiving. Eric's family will be coming up this week. They haven't yet had an opportunity to get up here and meet Cordelia, their 9th grandchild and second granddaughter. I am busy planning a vegan meal. Eric's parents have never had a vegan Thanksgiving so the pressure to impress is on. I will try and stick with the classics, just with a vegan twist.


Stacy said...

Gorgeous photo.... windy days are awesome, especially if you can just stay inside and enjoy the howling.

..... Carmen said...

It's been windy with Chinooks up here - yet to see snow. Snow always makes everything seem more festive. Would love to hear about what you end up making for Thanksgiving - your menu items always inspire me :) I was impressed too with your previous post about de-cluttering. Especially books! That would have taken some strength of character :|

Elizabeth said...

oh, the wind . . . i love a good, strong wind.

and isn't it fun how even weather can carry good memories with it?

i hope that your holiday season is starting out wonderfully! i can guess a few of the things on your "what i'm thankful for" list. :)

i hope you're cozy inside tonight. we are.

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