Friday, January 29, 2010

Bumblebee Finds her Jealousy

Bumblebee has been nothing short of an angel since we brought Cordelia into our home and upset the grand scheme of things (for Bumblebee). She is so sweet with Cordelia, always eager to greet her, sniff her and lick her head. I am a little appalled when she gets a lick in because then it means that Cordelia's sweet little head smells of Bumblebee drool. In case you were wondering Bumblebee drool=Stinky!

Bumblebee has made a clear distinction between her toys, in her toy bucket, and Cordelia's toys which we keep in a separate box. She has been perfectly well mannered until this past week. We have found her kryptonite.

Last Sunday my mom gave Cordelia several new toys. All of them very popular with the little lady, but one toy in particular has also attracted the jealous attention of Bumblebee.


The toy you see above looks unassuming enough. It has different patterns and textures to attract the baby gaze and entice chubby baby fingers. Cordelia loves to grab it and slobber all over it in baby bliss. What you cannot see in the photo is that the toy has a little squeaker inside of it. When I squeak the toy Cordelia will often coo with joy.

The first time I noticed that the squeaker had also drawn in Bumblebee. You see, Bumblebee has had several toys of her own which featured squeakers. She would tear into them until the squeaker was discovered and destroyed. She loves destroying squeaker toys. So, I squeaked the toy with a few short bursts which were quickly answered by the low, tormented, whines of Bumblebee who had been asleep in a chair on the other side of the room. I tried it again, more low moans and whining from the basset hound.

The Situation

Uh oh I thought, this is going to be it, the toy that comes between them. Bumblebee lumbered over, whines and moans seeming to pain her. I couldn't stop squeaking the toy.She stood above it confused. I could see the wheels spinning...and spinning...and spinning. What should she do? She laid down in a huff of confusion and frustration.


I eventually left the room with Cordelia. I tossed the toy into Cordelia's box and thought no more of it. Until I returned and found Bumblebee with the toy by her side and a guilty look on her face. More, low moans and whines. Poor Bumblebee. She knew she shouldn't, but she felt compelled. She knew that they belonged together.


Stacy said...

Ha ha ha!! Rosy thinks all things that squeak MUST be for her. I can understand Bumblebee's confusion.

affectioknit said...

That's so funny - Jack tears all the squeakers out of his toys too - what's up with that?

Annie said...

My older child does that too.

..... Carmen said...

That's fantastic :) Grace had a giraffe that squeaked and it would drive our Golden Retriever Clifford crazy with envy - lol.

Emily said...

The look on Cordelia's face is, "Don't even think about it...."

Sweet Bumblebee. I think it would be hard to be upset with her.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...I am laughing out loud at Bumblebees face!!!! SO EXPRESSIVE

oh poor poor Bumblebee!

elizabeth said...

i love the picture of cordelia looking at bumblebee . . . :)

eLiZaBeTh said...

Oh, Maria...this post just cheered me are so funny:O)

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