Sunday, January 31, 2010

Date Night

Last night Eric and I dropped Cordelia off with her grandparents so we could go on a little date. After dropping her off we headed out for a long and leisurely dinner. One thing that people don't tell parents to be is that meals become quickly gulped down events. We decided to take our sweet time eating and talking.


We went to an Italian restaurant and were quickly seated off in a low lit corner of the restaurant. The waiter must have known that we just wanted a little peace and quiet to enjoy each other.


I ordered my first glass of wine in over a year. Since Cordelia had a few bottles of her stockpiled milk I decided it was time to enjoy just a small glass of wine. When I received my glass I pretended to sniff the wine as though I knew what I was doing. You know how people smell wine and find hints of wood or notes of summer? I wondered aloud if anybody ever says that wine smells of fermented grapes?

Eric on date

We ordered our food and enjoyed some wonderful conversation.

bread and balsamic
Some couples say that it is difficult to talk about anything but the baby once parenthood is upon them, but Eric and I don't have that problem. Sure we talk about her, but it's the same as ever. Eric is endlessly fascinating and wonderful to talk with.

Maria on date

After dinner we ran a couple of errands and I was able to find some new pants. All of my pre-pregnancy pants are too big so it is well past time that I get it in gear. All in all it was an absolutely lovely evening. Nice to connect with Eric and so nice to get back to our little girl at thet end of the evening!
What did you do last night?


..... Carmen said...

That sounds blissfully wonderful :) Nate and I hope to get out for our first solo date sometime after Valentine's when my parents return home from their vacation. It is so nice to get that chance to get away and reconnect without distraction.

Annie said...

Went to the movies, alone. I hate to go to the movies with someone else.

Emily said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad you all had a nice time.

Jenny said...

That sounds great! It's so important to spend time alone together.
Last night we were iced in so we watched a movie after the kids went to bed. Syriana... we were both a little bit confused when it was over.

Stacy said...

How nice! I went to see the Soweto Gospel Choir. They were AMAZING.

sophie said...

What a wonderful evening! Andrew, I and the kids went to my mother in laws for dinner, anything cooked by anyone else tastes awesome to me, so I felt very spoiled!

Anonymous said...

That is so good!!!
We watched a family movie and then after the young one went to bed an adult movie...a quiet night in after a busy week

Date night is so important...good for you for doing it!

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