Saturday, January 2, 2010



Well, it's been a while since I have had a random post so I thought it was high time that I get to it...

  • I think that I will be able to complete my first quilt within the week! I am really excited and I think it's going to be pretty nice. I have been taking my time and I am happy with the results thus far. Mom and I are going to the store for a few last minute items today. I will share the final results with you soon.
  • When the news reports on the war they say things like, " The number of troops has been increased..." I always wonder what is the singular for troops? Is it troop? Seems weird.
  • Why do goats have such freaky pupils? I did a quick Internet search and it seems like there are a lot of theories ranging from goats being evil to something to do with depth perception.
  • Now that it's the new year Eric and I put up our 2010 calendar. Our 2009 calendar had basset hound puppies (a gift). Our calendar is Sarah Kramer's calendar, it's AWESOME. You can check it out here. There are recipes every month. Plus, super cool photos.
  • Speaking of calendars, I once worked a calendar booth in the center of the mall...not my favorite job.
  • Have I ever mentioned that I have hand feet? Meaning that I can grab things with my toes. Seriously I am really talented. I think I passed this trait on to my daughter. Lucky girl!
Well, that seems random enough. Do you have anything random that you want to share today?


dutchgirl said...

I don't know if this is grammatically correct, but I can tell you that within the Army the single of "troops" is generally "trooper". It's not commonly used unless referring to someone in a cavalry unit (the unit is sometimes called a "troop")or an airborne unit (in that case the person is called a paratrooper). Normally in a regular old Army unit, it's just "soldier".

I'm so proud of myself I actually had an answer! Now about the goats, that's creepy!

Annie said...

I love the image!

Pam Brewer said...

This is funny- I bought a 2010 calendar today(waited until they were 50% off). While looking I saw the Basset Hound calendar and thought of you!

..... Carmen said...

I look forward to seeing your quilt :) I wouldn't use a calendar normally in our home, but my MIL has gifted me one every year for the past 10 years or so... always Sunflowers. When I see it wrapped under the tree, I always know what it is now before I open it ;)

Emily said...

I always love random lists. Mainly because my brain thinks random thoughts. Unfortunately it's usually at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. Last night I was thinking what if I won a bunch of money-- who would I give it to, what would I do with it?

And I agree about weird goat pupils. So bizarre.

affectioknit said...

Oh - I can't wait to see the quilt!

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