Monday, February 8, 2010

How Is Art Found?

Eric and I collect art. We're artists and art historians so it just makes sense for us to collect it. Many of our pieces are rescued from thrift stores. We find Japanese prints and some paintings and since we have the training we can often make some really good finds. Other times we just see a piece and love it simply for being a part of the fabric of our lives.


The photo above is a piece that we got years ago in Santa Fe, NM. The artist was a young guy named Jake who was a traveler. He'd go from town to town and sit on the sidewalk and sell his prints. On the day we found him he was in front of a health food store. He approached us and we took a look at his work. There were a few pieces that drew us in for whatever reason. We bought this piece and another for just a couple of bucks each. He thanked us and we parted ways.

That's not the first, nor will it be the last, time that we have bought art from street artists. Have you ever done it? You can find some real talent, add to your memories of a trip or adventure and support an artist. We have found everything from sculptures to photography to paintings in this manner.

If you are looking for art and don't have a ton of money I highly recommend that you seek out an artist who may/may not be well established. Who knows you may find in a decade that your artist has become well established and the few bucks you spent may have been an investment.

Not sure where to look? Try...
  • Street fairs
  • Student art shows
  • Web sites
  • First Friday gallery openings


E.K. said...

For your readers, I would also add: If any of you are artists, but don't have money to spend on other people's art you should consider trading a piece. I trade my art with other artists a lot. It's a great way to enhance your own collection while also getting your own art out there in the world.

eLiZaBeTh said...


Emily said...

Good ideas! I just wish I had more time to spend strolling through thrift stores and flea markets. You definitely have a good eye for finding cool stuff!

Chrissy said...

I would love to come across some street artists... especially photographers, even one who dabble in ceramics.... remember stained glass? can't find any artists who are still into that!.

Annie said...

We collect and "make" art too. Both of our families have several artists (amateurs or not) and we've also inherited works and got them from gallerist friends. We just need that mansion... ;-)

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