Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guess Where I've Been?

We took a quick trip out of town to Laramie. Haven't been there in 2 years, when my brother Ben and his wife Sara were still living there.

Pants and Plants
Pants and Plants

Last time we were there we discovered this little display at a Flea Market. Tomorrow I will tell you if it was still there and I will give you all of the thrilling updates about our travel adventures. What have you been up to?


Tammie said...

HA! we stopped in laramie on our way to the PNW. of course we didnt venture too far off the interstate, but even some of the folks working in the gas stations and general stores were......quirky.

Emily said...

Funny picture!

Victoria said...

It is so great to get out of town! We just returned from Heather's graduation at Adam's State College in Alamosa, CO!!! She received two BA's one in Theater and one for Art!! We had a nice open house for her and got to meet the faculty and all her wonderful friends. She was just cast in as a lead in an INDY film!! It begins shooting in June...she's working on that SAG card! On our way home we got to have breakfast at one of our favorites, Harry's Roadhouse Restaurant in Santa Fe..YUM!!

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