Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a Date

Yesterday was a holiday. My parents were so kind as to watch our little lady so Eric and I could go out for a little date. We dropped Cordelia off with my parents, raided their pantry for snacks (they always have good snacks) and headed out in search of lunch.

Mon mari

We were surprised to find that much of the town was closed down for the holiday. I think they must have gone to the lake or something as it was a beautiful day. We drove around chatting as we hunted for a restaurant. Finally we settled on a '50s type diner called Johnny J's and oddly our waitress was named JJ. Anyway, the place was packed and even senator John Barasso was there. Eric has met him a few times through his job and offered to introduce us, but I really didn't feel the need.


While we were waiting to be seated an elderly gentleman complimented my dress saying, "You don't see ladies wearing dresses much anymore." I informed him that I pretty much live in dresses all summer. Do you wear dresses?

C'est moi

After our lunch we headed back to hang with my family and pick up Cordelia who had fallen asleep on my mother. When she heard my voice she jerked her head up really fast, before she could really wake up. It was cute, guess you had to be there. Then we all had pie and watched Cordelia blow raspberries, her new thing.

Mom and C

What did you do for the holiday?


Stacy said...

I'm with you... I live in dresses in the summer. I don't like how I look in shorts and dresses flatter nicely.

As for yesterday, I had lunch with friends and then finished the Hop Scotch quilt.

Daphne said...

I think I need more dresses. I'm curvy so I need to find a style that doesn't make my hips look 10 miles wide... but I love them!

Maria Rose said...

Daphne, two words, empire waist...they are so figure friendly and totally comfy!

Emily said...

We went to three cookouts over the holiday weekend. I think we are cookouted-out (new word). It was fun, though. It is already super hot here (95 today!), so we went swimming this weekend as well. I love dresses! But I've been wearing bermuda shorts a lot lately too.

..... Carmen said...

Sounds like a lovely day :) I want to wear dresses, just always have trouble finding really nice ones that fit well.

sophie said...

How lovely for you and Eric! I am so missing the sun here, I keep spotting beautiful sunny photos in blogland and am yearning for warmth...No I don't wear dresses ever, sometimes a skirt but mainly pants.

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