Friday, July 2, 2010

We're Back in Action

Eric and I have long been the type of couple to have 80s nights, futuristic nights, and fort nights or whatever kind of theme we could come up with.

You may be picturing a house party with cool music, great food, and lots of people bedecked in their theme clothes. If that's what you were picturing, then you'd be wrong. I want you to realize that this wasn't some cool party throwing we were doing, it was just the two of us--essentially playing dress up.

When friends would hear about our theme nights they would say things like, "You guys would be such fun parents." We couldn't help but agree, who wouldn't want to have forts and dress up as a kid?

Then we became parents and it was not an instant dress up party, who knew? Instead there were loving moments, quiet evenings and a general tenderness. Of course all of this has been a wonderful change of pace. Quietly forts and theme nights rested in the back of my mind gone, but not forgotten my friends. They were waiting in the shadows for their second coming, a renaissance if you will.

Then, last week Cordelia started joking. She pulled her pacifier out and tried to give it to Bumblebee, laughing and looking for reaction. She has since repeated this joke approximately once an hour. Next she started letting out these ear piercing screams of joy and it was then that I knew, the time has come. Time for this girl to get to know just who her parents really are...someday this will be the greatest source of her embarrassment.

80s Night of the Past

80s night3
80s Night of the past

Now is the time for Eric and I to get back to it. The quiet times and tender moments still abound, but now we have a little lady who is ready for fun. We are ready too. Time to break out the glitter, theme nights will soon be back.

Cordelia in her Madonna onesie


Chrissy said...

u gotta record her laughs and post them here! lol... u guys look great in that get-up...

affectioknit said...

What FUN!

Helena said...

That's great! I salute you. :-)

Stacy said...

I love the Madonna onesie!!

Emily said...

80's nights = fun!!

sophie said...

I CANNOT wait for the next theme night and see what Cordelia makes of it all, sounds like she will be the ring leader!

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