Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making the Case

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. While I am always excited to celebrate someone I love I must admit that the gift giving process is daunting. I want to give super thoughtful gifts, but I also prefer to give things that I have made or treasures that I have found or even donations and experiences. I decided that this year is all about very careful consideration when it comes to gift giving. I vow to avoid gift cards and generic gifts this year.

My mother was the first birthday of the year and I decided to do a couple of different things, come at it from various angles.
  1. First I made a donation to a charity that she loves (Care Net if you are interested).
  2. Then I made her a cake. I realized that it has been a small eternity since anyone made her a cake! I chose a blueberry cake from The Joy of Vegan Baking.
  3. I made her a Kindle case. She had received a Kindle as a gift and I whipped up a little case for it.
Kindle Case 2


What kind of gifts do you give? Any ideas for handmade or experiential gifting?

Yesterday I stumbled upon Miss Bumblebee gazing at herself in the mirror. Just thought I'd share...


singlemama said...

I love Ms Bumblebee :-)
and also your gifts!!!

affectioknit said...

What an AWESOME gift! and what a sweet Bumblebee!

elizabeth said...

i love how you love your mom! and all the people in your life. it's so wonderful how you focus on the good traits of them all - and i bet that makes you love them even more!

you read me - you know i love making. :)

i am still on a quilt kick - i have this idea that everyone i love should have a quilt made by me . . .

i also love making little zippered pouches - i should make some more of those!

also, i think that favorite foods are great gifts - homemade goodies or nice chocolates or cheeses or crackers or coffee - things people maybe wouldn't buy for themselves . . .

that's what comes to mind right now. :)

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Sounds like she received a lot of love! That kindle case is lovely.
I usually cook for people- that is how I show my love. I also make gifts too.

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