Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kindness Bandit: Newbies


I recently saw some statistics on young and single mothers in Wyoming. I thought about what an amazing time it is to be a new mother, but I can't imagine what it must be like to feel alone during such a time. While I can't really do anything to change people's personal situations I can make them feel a little less alone.

This week I am giving a beautiful crocheted blanket (made by me) to a new mother. A quick drop off and I will be on my way.


What Kindness Bandit activities have you been up to?


Momma CupKate said...

Love this idea! Love, love, love! As a formerly single mother, acts of kindness have stuck with me since. I can remember days when I felt entirely alone, then someone would buy me a tea or give me a compliment on my babe, and I felt like I was so important. For years, I felt invisible, so these gentle reminders that I was seen helped me grow as a person. This Kindness Bandit act has my heart. Good For You!!

Orange Paisley said...

You make your mother so proud!

The Nutter Sisters said...

Wow! You are the nicest person! Today I took my sister Carol out to lunch, because she just decided to go back to work as a pediatric nurse. It was a hard decision for her to make and I am so darn proud of her. She finally put herself into the equation. She usually does EVERYTHING for everybody else and asks for nothing in return.

Well I digress, I surprised her and said come on working girl lunch on me today before you start your new gig. I live some distance away, so it was sort of a big deal.

She would have done it for me and more!

Love your kindness!!

~ Helen Nutter

Robin said...

Fritz and I noticed our neighbors garbage can still next to their house on the day for it to be out. When we were outside we walked over and moved it up to the street for them. I love the K.B. and teaching my son nice things to do like this for others for no reason!

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