Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ben is my brother. Today he turns 26!

Some of my earliest memories revolve around the birth of my first sibling. The family story of legend (or at least one of them) is when Ben came home from the hospital I made my friends wash their hands and line up just to gaze upon him (no touching).

Growing up with Ben was always an adventure. Ben is wild and fun loving. He has such a good nature. He never intentionally hurts others. He is rarely offended (a surprisingly rare trait). He is funny. He is fun. He is smart. He is caring. He is an amazing brother and friend.

Ben on the trampoline
Ben, mid-jump, on the trampoline.

Happy birthday brother. We will see you soon!!!

Want to learn more about my brother? Click here. Or you can hop over to my mother's blog and see her post, here.

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Susan S said...

I love that picture of Ben!

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