Thursday, June 23, 2011

House Tour: Living Room and Hallway

Today I am going to share a little bit more of our new home with you. I have been posting in increments as we finish an area...or at least get it to a presentable stage. If you've missed out on my previous posts you can see them here, here, here and here.

First off I will begin with the BEFORE shots of our living room. The wall color was a sort of pinky flesh tone with thick carpeting in an off white.


Living room

front door


Now here are some of the AFTER shots. You will notice that we pulled up the carpet to expose the wood floors and we repainted the walls a light gray color. We obviously moved in our furniture and art to really make the space our own.

stairs and hallway

living room


living room



So there you have it, another piece of our new home! Hope you enjoyed the tour. More to come in the coming weeks (as we finishing painting trim and such).


affectioknit said...

Awesome! So much better...I love wood floors...

Tammie said...

its all so gorgeous.

i love how you and eric put everything together. obviously you are both artists so you have an eye for that sort of thing, but the vintage pieces mixed with newer things and your own art, its all just amazing.

i will never understand why people put carpet over wood floors!?WHY!!??

sara said...

i love how you've got all these different patterns going on in your living room -- the drapes, foral chair and polka dot pillow -- yet it all looks perfect together.

Carmen said...

Looks fabulous! What a difference!

Emily said...

Of course I love it! You all put a lot of work into the room, and it totally pays off! So comfortable and interesting and so very YOU. :)

Anonymous said...

Those wood floors look great- did you have to sand and refinish them at all? We are planning to pull up our carpet soon.

Maria Rose said...

We took a look under one corner of the carpet and the floor looked finished. So we took a gamble and pulled out all of the carpet. Miraculously it was all in great condition. We still need to fill in the holes left by the tack board, but you only notice them if you are on your hands and we probably never will.
Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a transformation! I love the art :)

singlemama said...

especially the wood floors. great change!

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