Friday, June 17, 2011

Montana Days 2 and 3

We started out our 2nd day in Missoula with a delectable vegan breakfast at Bernice's Bakery. Vegan muffins, some melon and a glass of oj---perfection.

Charlotte, Cordelia and I at Bernice's Bakery



After breakfast we wandered around downtown and eventually we found ourselves in Caras Park for the Out to Lunch event that is held every Wednesday through the summer. We listened to some music. Cordelia danced. We ate some lunch.

Cordelia napped and then we headed to check out the art museum.

Art museum
Eric, Cordelia and I at the Missoula Art Museum

art museum 2
Missoula Art Museum

Charlotte at the museum

Back at the hotel we regrouped and played a game of mirror because we had adjoining rooms.


Later we had dinner at the Good Food Store and then we had a lovely evening drive before retiring to our hotel room.


The next morning we said goodbye to Charlotte. We celebrated our anniversary by giving Cordelia a wonderful and fun filled day.

First we had breakfast at Food For Thought. We shared a plate between our entire family and we were all well fed.

Eric, polishing off breakfast.

Later we stopped by the Carousel and gave Cordelia a ride. She had a blast!

That is the face she makes when I ask her to smile.

Next we went to the Children's Museum where Cordelia had so much fun!

kid museum 3
At the museum

kid museum 2
Practicing her paleontology skills.

kid museum 1
Drawing at the museum.

We spent the rest of the day exploring and having a wonderful time as a family. For dinner we ordered a vegan pizza from Biga Pizza and then Eric and I chatted the night away as Cordelia slept.

How have you been?


Stacy said...

Sounds like you are having a delightful time! Happy anniversary.

Emily said...

Four things:
1. It is SO beautiful there!
2. I love the picture of you and Cordy on the carosel.
3. It looks like you are having a vegan food spectacular!
4. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

Susan S said...

Ah, great photos! We miss you guys!

sara said...

i love that lake pic with the mountains in the background. montana looks beautiful! and there's a museum with a special dirt-digging area? my son would be all over that. it looks like you all had a great time!

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